Syntactic Forest








Cooperation: Rondade, Venue: Alternative Space the White & I SEE ALL, HATA Naoyuki (Artist), Sawada Hashimura (Architect), Workshop TM (Scenographer), Studio Arche(Scenographer), Emilie NOYER (Assistant Designer) and more

アートブックレーベル・Rondadeのサポートで、企画・キュレーションから展示作品の制作、展覧会グラフィックや会場デザインまで行ったグループ展。2020年にAlternative Space the White(東京)、2021年にI SEE ALL(大阪)で開催された。 「部分同士を関連付けて全体を構成するためのルール/構造」=広義の“Syntax”と言える図式を、言語学から自然科学、宗教学から家政学まで百科事典的に収集し、そのコレクションを展示。 コレクションから選び出した特定の図式に対して、スコア(総譜)を読むようにその構造を分析し、平面、書籍、映像、の3つのメディア特有の言語に重ね合わせる。 その方法で既存の素材を編集し、新たな作品を生み出すという実験を試みた。 また、写真家と建築家にも同様の作業を依頼し、それぞれの観点から図式を解釈した制作物も合わせて展示した。 2023年にはatamaのサポートで、中国杭州のギャラリー・Transtageにて、他の過去作と共に「In the Syntactic Forest」と題して再度展示された。

Supported by art book label Rondade, this group exhibition was realised with our involvement in the entire process from conceptualisation and curation to the production of exhibited artworks, exhibition graphics, and venue design. It was held at Alternative Space the White (Tokyo) in 2020 and at I SEE ALL (Osaka) in 2021. Diagrams that can be considered as a broad interpretation of ‘syntax’ = ‘the rules/structure for connecting parts to compose a whole’, were collected in an encyclopedic manner and exhibited, spanning from fields such as linguistics to natural sciences, religious studies to home economics. For specific diagrams selected from the collection, their structures were analysed as if reading a musical score, and overlaid onto the distinctive languages of three media: print, books, and film. Through this approach, existing materials were edited, and experiments were conducted to generate new work. Additionally, similar tasks were assigned to photographers and architects, resulting in interpretations of the diagrams from their respective perspectives, which were also included in the exhibition. In 2023, with the support of atama, an exhibition titled ‘In the Syntactic Forest’ was presented again at Transtage, a gallery in Hangzhou, China, alongside other previous works.